VeritaCell team consists of entrepreneurs and cell biology experts passionate about improving well-being of patients worldwide

Our story

The VeritaCell team is built around the scientific excellence of two cell biology experts from the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention at University of Huddersfield, UK and international business experience of four Latvian entrepreneurs.

The team formed in 2018 in Riga, Latvia at a matchmaking session by Commercialization Reactor, a platform that brings together inventors of breakthrough technologies and entrepreneurs willing to commercialize them.

The Reactor also accelerates the startups, giving them the tools and network for utilizing prior professional experience for successful commercialization of technology, as well as initial funding for market validation.

We came together thanks to having an aligned vision of simplifying and improving wound healing, helping patients recover faster. For one of the team members there was also a personal motive as their relative was in the hospital at that time with a complex, hardly healing wound.

Developing a product that would contribute to helping patients in a similar position was a great opportunity for creating impact with business.

The people

Arseniy Sergeyev, CEO & Co-founder

BSc in Business and Economics, 5 years in project management, sales, innovations, 2 lifestyle company building attempts. Establishes relationships with surgeons, potential partners and funders, is ready to risk for large scale impact innovation and provides fresh vision for the strategic planning of company and product development.

Dr. Nikolaos Georgopoulos, Co-founder

PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, more than 20 years of research work in the field. Associate Professor in Cell Biology. Co-inventor of the VeritaCell methodology.

Evija Vascenko, Co-founder

MBA, 25 years of international business development experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings, more than 10 years of experience in management consulting, coaching and mentoring. Contributes a network of stakeholders across the Baltics, orients well in the regulatory frameworks and asks the right questions to help strategically steer company’s development.

Within 2 years from starting the company based on the 4-year research, our team has validated the need for our product in the wound care market, established contacts with practitioners and researchers in the industry, and formed an experienced advisory board. We are committed to creating impact for patients and will be adding experienced healthcare executives to our core team to strengthen the company and prepare it for rapid growth.

Industry competence supporting the company

David Houldridge, Advisor on wound care product strategy.

Former SVP of Strategy at Smith & Nephew.

30 years in medical devices and wound care, most of them for Smith & Nephew, a global medical device company. Initially working in research and product development, David was involved in bringing to market and launching 19 new products, some of which form key pillars of the current business portfolio.

Ģirts Cimermans, Advisor on go-to-market and sales strategy.

CEO, medmix, former President Sulzer Applicator Systems, former CEO Hoya Vision Care, GE Healthcare North East Europe.

Senior Executive with over 20 years of leadership tenure in healthcare sector. Strong experience in strategy and operational leadership through proven success record in US, European and Japanese corporate cultures. He has a solid track record in designing, communicating and executing on business strategies, accelerated growth, and change management.

Our plan is to launch the product in Europe in 2022. We are working with experts in various areas of surgery to solve unaddressed issues in treatment of skin damage. Soon, the market will see the simplest surgical solution that will help patients recover faster and without scars and will save hospitals costs.