VeritaCell surgical kit

The kit contains the necessary medical tools and a unique methodology to make the wound healing process more effective for both the patient and the surgeon.

How it works

VeritaCell kit helps activate skin renewal process in 3 steps, which altogether take just 30 minutes and can be carried out on-site.

1. Extract

The clinician extracts a small piece of the patient's undamaged skin using a dermatome or skin graft knife.

2. Isolate

Using VeritaCell kit components, viable cells are isolated from the skin in high number.

The methodology at the core of the kit allows to obtain the maximum number of viable cells while keeping them undamaged, which is crucial for improving the healing process.

3. Apply

The cells are then precisely added to the wound in a suspension, triggering active healing to start within 24 hours.


For patients

Less pain

Faster recovery – faster return to daily activities

Minimum to no scarring – ability to return to a similar quality of life

For surgeons/hospitals

Minimized infection risk, no rejection risk, 20%+ faster recovery – reduced treatment costs and better patient outcomes

At least 5 times less donor skin needed (i.e. cells from 1cm^2 can regrow skin at least a 5 times larger wound area)

Minimum to no scarring – better functional outcomes

Point-of-care operations – no need for a laboratory or specialist equipment

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